Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Cake part 5

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The doorbell rang just as Chloe was putting the kids to bed. 
“See if you can read that to your sister,” she handed a book to the older girl. 
“Do I have to?” 
“Yes, I’ll be back in a moment.” 
She ran down the stairs and opened the front door hoping the girls wouldn’t fight while she was gone. Two men stood on the doorstep, an older one with more chins than she could count and a younger man, pretty in a way. They wore plain clothes but it was obvious who they were. She shivered. Had they found out about James? What would they do to her?
“We’re with the police, can we come in?” Pretty Boy said. 
“Of course,” Chloe stood aside letting the two men pass. “In there,” she said, pointing to the sitting room. 
“It’s your husband, Mrs. English.” the Pretty boy said. His blue eyes watched her every movement.
Chloe put her hand to her mouth. “What is it?”
“I’m afraid he’s dead.”
Chloe let out a noise, a cross between a mouse and an elephant. 
“His car was ambushed by three men. The took him to the old reservoir and shot him.” 
Chloe managed to repeat her elemouse noise. 
“But there’s something strange,” Pretty Boy said. “Do you mind if we ask you a few questions?”
Chloe shook her head. 
“Do you know anyone who might want to kill your husband?”
Chloe laughed. “Do you know what he did for a living? He had more enemies than friends.”
“We meant more personally.” Jowls said. 
“No, not that I can think of.”  
“We’re sorry Mrs. English, we have to ask this. Are you having an affair?” 
Chloe looked at Pretty Boy. “No! How dare you. You’ve just told me my husband is dead and you ask me that?” Chloe went to the sideboard and picked up her e-cig and took a puff. 
“I’m sorry, Mrs. English. We’re just doing our job.”
“Well don’t. How dare you accuse me of that?” 
“Mrs. English, your husband managed to turn on the voice recorder on his phone. We heard the conversation he had with his murderers.”
Chloe nodded.
“And just before they pulled the trigger, one of them said,” he looked down at his notebook to check the exact wording. “and I’m shagging your wife.”
Chloe made her mousephant noise for the third time. The two men looked at her.
“I don’t know what it can mean,” she said. She took a puff of her e-cig, hoping the smoke would hide her blushes. She coughed and the vapor stuck in her throat. 
The two police officers looked at each other. “We’ll come back tomorrow, is there anyone you can call?”
“I’ll be fine,” she said. 
“Okay, just don’t do anything stupid.” The two men let themselves out and Chloe buried her head in her hands. 
“Bastard,” she said. 

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