Friday, 2 June 2017

Poetry Friday 48

Poetry Friday 48
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A poetry Friday Topical Poet mash up this week.

The first poem is inspired by our commander in chief, Theresa May who said that if Britain vote Labour, Jeremy Corbyn would enter Brexit negotiations naked and alone.

Naked and Alone
Brexit negotiations
are getting under way,
there’s one silver lining.
the Brits got rid of May.

So, we’re sitting at the table
waiting for their new PM.
we’re feeling optimistic
that we can deal with him.

The door is thrown wide open
he walks in bold as brass
there’s gasps around the table
cos we can see his ass.

We can also see his man boobs,
his chest hair matted thick.
a bit of a spare tyre
in his hand a massive … folder.

Jezza put your pants on
the other leaders groan.
she didn’t mean you literally
had to be naked and alone.

But Jezza goes to sit down
in all his naked glory
and the  European  leaders,
wished Britain had voted Tory.

The second one is inspired by the UEFA Champions League happening in Cardiff this week.

My morning constitutional
a stroll round Cardiff Bay,
a time to think and contemplate,
but there’s something wrong today.
I’m suddenly craving Pepsi,
and Walker’s Cheese and Chive
and I really want a Nissan
I can’t even bloody drive.
I almost bought a PlayStation
and an Xperia TV.
I even considered Gazprom
to supply my energy.
They say it’s for a football match
but for me it’s pretty sad
that they’ve turned the whole of Cardiff
into a giant ad.

Hope you enjoyed these poems, more next week. Have a good week.

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