Friday, 23 June 2017

Poetry Friday 51

Poetry Friday from The Topical Poet on Vimeo.

Welcome to poetry Friday 51.
The weather is dominating our thoughts this week, so two poems, one a found poem, created by stealing lines about the Welsh heatwave from various newspapers, the second is a topical poem combining my two favourite subjects, the weather and Brexit.
Hope you enjoy.

A Newspaper Heatwave
Temperatures are soaring,
with Wales basking in
glorious hot weather.
Swansea is sweltering,
Bridgend boiling,
Wrexham roasting.
People flock to the coast
seeking refuge from the heat
as the mercury jumps higher than
The Sahara Desert.
It's a true British bake-off.
But enjoy it while it lasts,
the heatwave is about to break.

A Brexit Heatwave
They said  the mercury's topping 30,
oh no, that can't be right,
this is Britain my dear old thing,
and we use Fahrenheit.

They said it's global warming,
but that's a load of rot,
I remember Seventy-six,
now that was bloody hot.

The mercury's topping 30,
there's too much flesh on show.
Gents even removed their jackets,
at Ascot, don't you know?

And boys are wearing skirts to school,
it should be against the law.
It's a leftist conspiracy
Transgenderism through the back door.

So the mercury's topping 86,
but don't let standards slack.
We'll stop all this nonsense
when we take our country back.

Hope you enjoyed those, join me next week for the 1 year anniversary of Poetry Friday.