Thursday, 15 June 2017

Cake part 6

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Both girls were snoring gently when Chloe went to check on them. She smiled at the angelic faces and then realised she would have to tell them the news. She felt sick at the thought, but still no tears came. She went back downstairs and into the kitchen; she needed vodka, now. 
Chloe dropped her e-cig and let out her elemouse noise. She looked at the clean-shaven man sitting at her kitchen table. 
“What the fuck?”
“I’ve come to get you.”
“Fuck off, I’m calling the police.” 
James didn’t move. 
“If you call the police, we’ll both be shot before the end of the night. I’m your only hope.”
“You murderer, you killed my husband. Why should I go with you?”
“Assassinated, it was an act of war.” 
“Does it matter? He’s dead and you fucking killed him.” She picked up a mug from the draining board and threw it at him, missing by a mile. “I trusted you, get out.” 
James smiled. “You didn’t love him,” he said. 
“How do you know that? And anyway, it wasn’t your decision to make.”
 “Look, we have to go, if you stay here, they’ll realise you were having an affair, you know what will happen to you. Get the girls and come with me, there’s a car waiting outside.”
“You bastard, you turned on his voice recorder, didn’t you?”
James’s silence told Chloe all she needed to know. 
“I’m not going anywhere with you.”
“Look Chlo, this wasn’t personal. This wasn’t about me and you. We’ve been after English for years. It was an accident that I stumbled upon him, but I couldn’t give up the opportunity. No matter how much I love you. Now, I don’t expect you to love me, or even like me, but I do know if you stay here your days are numbered.” James held up one finger. “The girls have already lost their father…” 
Chloe stared at him. “I should fucking kill you, James.”
James pulled a gun from under the table, he didn’t point it at her but its presence was enough. “Pack a bag. Get the girls. Time’s running.”
James followed her out of the kitchen and up the stairs. 
“You don’t have to follow me, I’m not going to call the police,” she said. 
“Better to be safe than sorry,” James replied. 
He watched as she threw clothes from the airing cupboard into a holdall. 
“Give me that,” he took the bag from her. She went to wake the girls. 
“What’s happening mummy?” the older one said. “Where’s daddy?”
“Don’t worry honey, we’re going with this man and his friends.”
James felt a twinge of guilt as he saw the two beautiful girls, and a twinge of love as he saw how calmly Chloe managed them. Then, a twinge of jealousy; they could have been mine, he thought to himself. 
“Come on, quick Abbey,” Chloe said. James smiled, that was a name they’d decided on when they’d planned baby names together way back when. 
He led them down the stairs and out the back door. In the lane behind the house, a car flashed its headlights. 
“Get in,” James said. 
Chloe helped the girls climb in the car, James clambering in after her.  Chloe saw the two men in the front seats and made her mousephant noise again. 
“You tricked me,” she said.
“We just bought some time,” James shrugged and the car sped off. 

The end 

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