Friday, 16 June 2017

Poetry Friday 50

Poetry Friday 50
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Welcome along, with all the politics in the UK, I could only do topical poems this week.

Only I…
I am strong and stable, 
Of that there is no doubt, 
Okay, I got us into this. 
But I can get us out. 

Only I can get us out of this, 
I know I made a mess, 
But only I am strong and stable, 
Only I can bring success. 

I am strong and stable 
And in the interests of this land, 
I'll get on not with governing. 
but burying my head in the sand, 

I might look indecisive 
It might look like I'm not able. 
But only I can get us out of this, 
only I am strong and stable. 

She said she got us in to this,
So she can get us out. 
Now call me slightly cynical, 
but what's that all about?
Okay, she's strong and stable, 
she tells us all the time. 
But actions speak louder than words 
and we're yet to see her spine. 
And the last person that I would trust 
To get us out of all this shit. 
Is the very person 
Who led us head long into it. 
So, show us you're strong and stable, 
Show us you have a spine. 
It's time to do the decent thing. 
Theresa May, Resign. 

Well that’s all for poetry Friday for this week. Will there be one next week? Heaven only knows.
Have a good week.

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